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Perini Navi Facing to the difficult time, San Lorenzo is making decision on takeover the business

Perini Navi Facing to the difficult time, San Lorenzo is making decision on takeover the business

  • 2020/05/28

According to the Milan Financial News of Italy, Perini Navi (Perini Navi), a well-known Italian superyacht manufacturer, is in financial trouble, and the board of directors has requested the initiation of bankruptcy and reorganization procedures.

It is reported that the Italian custom luxury yacht manufacturer Sanlorenzo (San Lorenzo), which has been successfully listed last year, may be able to sell, invest or even hold Perini Navi, and is expected to set up a new company. Sanlorenzo will control 70% of the shares.

Sanlorenzo currently only builds luxury motor boats, and what should be valued is the design and construction capabilities of Perini Navi's custom super-sailing.

How to follow up, let us wait and see!

Perini Navi has built a lot of high-quality and innovative fully customized super sailboats.

For example, the world's third-largest sailing ship: the 88-meter three-masted Maltese Falcon (Maltese Falcon).

Let's take a look at a Perini Navi's fully customized super-sailing 70-meter Badis I. The current owner is King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Ranked by length, Badis I currently ranks ninth in the world.

The fully customized sailboat that won several awards was originally called Sybaris. It was completed and delivered in 2016. The original owner was Bill Duker, an American lawyer. Later, he sold the ship to Mohammed VI in 2018.

It is 88 million euros.

Basic parameters of the boat

Ship name: Badis I

Previous name: Sybaris

Year: 2016

Type: Monohull Brig

Shipyard: Italy Perini Navi

Certification: ABS

Material: Steel hull, aluminum superstructure

Full length: 70.0m (229'8 ")

Waterline length: 62.67m (205'7 ")

Breadth: 13.24m (43'5 ")

Maximum draft: 11.74m (38'6 ")

Gross tonnage: 887

Displacement (full load): 927

Fuel capacity: 73,000L (19,284.556g)

Fresh water capacity: 16,000L (4,226.752g)


2 x 1920HP MTU 16V 2000 M72 Diesel 1432kW

Maximum speed: 17.5 kn

Cruising speed: 12.5 kn

Passenger Capacity: 12 people

Number of crew: 12

Ship Engineering: Perini Navi

External design: Perini Navi, Philippe Briand Ltd.

Internal design: PH Design

Italy Perini Navi was founded in 1983. It started from the production of "super sailboat that can be driven by one person". It now mainly manufactures Perini Navi super sailboats and Picchiotti luxury motor boats.

, The scene is beautiful and spectacular.

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