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  • Preparing boat for spring
    • Sep , 09 2020
    Preparing boat for spring

    Thru-hulls: Preparing Your Boat For Spring Do a quick internet search and you’ll find endless spring boat preparation checklists. Responsible boaters realize how important it is to ensure their boat is safe and ready to use for the season. Why then did Boat U.S. find that 34% of boat sinkings are caused by wear, tear or corrosion of a part below the waterline? What are boaters overlooking or skipp...

  • Advice – seacocks and skin fittings
    • Aug , 25 2020

    Seacocks are present to shut off the flow of water from or to items of plumbing aboard the vessel. There are three types of seacocks: ① the gate valve type, which is like the domestic plumbing type with a red wheel, which is turned clockwise to close; ② the ball valve type, which is preferred by many and has a lever to operate a chrome-plated bronze ball; ③ and the traditional ‘Blak...

  • Caring for marine seacock valve
    • Aug , 25 2020
    Caring for marine seacock valve

    CARING FOR MARINE SEACOCK VALVE Considering the excitement a failed seacock can generate, the lack of attention they typically receive is almost criminal. Tucked away in the dim recesses of your bilge, seacocks typically don’t get a second thought with regards to preventative maintenance or inspections – until they fail to operate or even break off in your hand during operation (it happens, I’ve s...

  • 【Technical Blog】Process flow of marine propeller
    • Jun , 23 2020
    【Technical Blog】Process flow of marine propeller

    【Technical Blog】Process flow of marine propeller A perfect marine propeller will be finished as the following steps: ① Molding ② Casting metal ③ Blank processing ④ Finished product inspection ⑤ Installation and use Molding The pitch plate is used to scrape the spiral surface when making the lower sand mold, and its accuracy directly affects the manufacturing quality of the...

  • Copper JIS Specifications
    • May , 05 2020
    Copper JIS Specifications

    Specification of Brass Symbol Working temp Chemical composition (%) Tensile strength(kg/mm2) Elongati rate(%) Hardnes (Brinell) Cu Zn Pb Sn Al Fe YBsC1 1120 83.0~88.0 11.0~17.0 0.5~ Sn + Al + Fe 1.0 15~ 25~ 45~55 YBsC2 1000 65.0~70.0 24.0~34.0 0.5~3.0 ~1.0 ~0.5 ~0.8 20~ 20~ 44~60 YBsC3 1000 58.0~64.0 30.0~41.0 0.5~3.0 ~1.0 ~0.5 ~0.8 55~ 15~ 120~ Specification of High Tensile Strength Brass Symbol ...

  • Know how: Thru-hulls and Seacocks
    • Apr , 29 2020
    Know how: Thru-hulls and Seacocks

    Never forget: the lowly seacock is all that stands between the sea and your boat Clearly, with any device that penetrates the hull of a yacht, the choice of materials, design and method of installation is paramount to the safety and integrity of the vessel. Plenty of boats have been lost due to corroded through-hulls and seacocks, either through electrolytic breakdown of the material itself or by ...

  • Boating Advice: Seacocks lead to sinkers
    • Apr , 26 2020
    Boating Advice: Seacocks lead to sinkers

    Boating Advice: Seacocks lead to sinkers The Surveyor offers expert advice about seacock maintenance, avoiding sunken boats and insurance cover The humble seacock, stop cock, gate valve or ball valve is one of the most important items on the vessel and it is the last line of defence for keeping large amounts of sea water from flooding your vessel. So why is it the lowest on many boat owner’s maint...

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